Therapeutic Relaxing Massage

Home Visit: 60 mins: £75 | 90 mins: £99  | 120 mins: £125

This massage is all about relaxing! A gentle, nurturing massage that focuses on helping you to free your mind from the stresses of daily life whilst melting away tensions within the body.

After a consultation regarding the areas you’d like treated and the pressure you’d prefer, a blend of soothing and gentle massage techniques are being used that will leave you feeling recharged, revived and re-balanced; easing away stress and leaving the muscles relaxed and supple.

This is an ideal treatment for those new to massage or those who prefer lighter pressure and are looking for a healthy and indulgent pick-me-up.

Relaxing Therapeutic Massage is ideal for combating stress and anxiety, elevating mood, improving blood and lymph circulation, relieving tension headaches, boosting your immune system and soothing your muscles. It is also excellent for relieving mental and emotional stresses and tensions whilst also calming the nervous system. ​

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Absolutely amazing! Felt a total ‘out of body’ experience. Thank you so much 😊 

Suzie L.

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